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43 y.o. (Yekaterinburg, Russia), Ref #19195

Ekaterina, Russia
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Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Ekaterina, Russia
Data di nascita:
Segno zodiacale:
1 Aquarius
Situazione familiare:
162 cm
56 kg
Colore occhi:
Colore capelli:
Light brown
Lingue parlate:
United-Kingdom-flag-32.png ★★★★★ (5 of 5)
teacher of English
I love cooking,baking,gardening, DIY, woodwork, sewing, knitting,psychology,history, visiting historical places/museums, reading (Bulgakov,Tolstoy,Chekhov, Kafka,Fallada,Wilde, Balzac), listening to lectures / interviews / podcasts, playing the piano. (Bach, Mozart, Rachmaninoff,Chopin,Debussy), listening to live organ concerts, walking, feeding birds, sauna, massage (learning different schools/types and doing).I am interesting on DIY (do it yourself), psychology, politics and history.
I am an introvert, Aquarius, a bit of a looner, need some personal time and space (feel drained after crowded gatherings), economical, conscientious, considerate, passionate about things I love, good at talking/explaining things, liberal-conservative, faithful. There are two things that bring fulfillment at work and in a relationship-a feeling of freedom and security, which means people are free to be creative, make mistakes, try again, improve/develop in the areas of their interest, knowing that their background (family,partner, job) is secured and not threatened with infidelity, resentment or authoritarianism. I believe that neither appearance, nor age guarantees one’s happiness in a relationship, which (happiness) can come through inner peace and compatibility of interests, values and goals. I’d like to continue to work as a teacher of English/Russian/piano teacher since it gives me confidence and a healthy feeling of self-sufficiency. I’m a cat person so I would be happy to adopt cats from a shelter, they are vital for my wellbeing and the environment should be safe for them. It would be great to live in the countryside since gardening is a very beneficial pursuit, especially if one can work online and every day be close to beautiful plants just behind the door. I love my country and culture, so I would be glad to welcome my partner in my city/country because it is a good place to live. It might be quite inspiring for me to show my partner the places I like and enjoy visiting in Russia - from my hometown’s Ural's gems to palaces of Moscow and Saint Petersburg as I would like to see the relationship as mutual development and exploration - for love, peace and better understanding of each other. I don’t have children. I would like to live only with my partner and pets, to start with, then, if we both feel it is needed, we can give it a thought.
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Informazioni sul Partner

Eta minima:
37 y.o.
Eta massima:
61 y.o.
Miei desideri:
I would be happy if my partner/husband matched some of my traits such as being faithful, introverted, liberal-conservative, considerate, intelligent, keen on DIY, with a sense of humor, interested in history and literature . I would also like him to be financially independent and willing to invest into creating a family with a woman. Preferably, willing to live in the countryside, to do gardening, tend to have a healthy lifestyle.


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