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26 y.o. (Pskov, Russia), Ref #17329

Tatiyana, Russia
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Tatiyana, Russia
Tatiyana, Russia
Tatiyana, Russia
Tatiyana, Russia
Tatiyana, Russia
Tatiyana, Russia
Tatiyana, Russia
Data di nascita:
Segno zodiacale:
4 Taurus
Situazione familiare:
168 cm
50 kg
Colore occhi:
Colore capelli:
Light brown
Lingue parlate:
United-Kingdom-flag-32.png ★★★★☆ (4 of 5)
Self employed
When I have free time, I watch serials. For example, now I watch “Suits”. I watch them after work manages to see only one or two episodes. On weekends, I can watch a film, often I watch thrillers or nail biters. I like to cook, lately, I cooked pasta with salmon under the cream. It was yummy. I cook traditional food like soups, fried potatoes and meat with dressing very rarely. I prefer to cook pasta, risotto sometimes I make sushi ????As for the music I listen to a lot of genres. But the best artists for me are Beyoncé -she is a legend; Ariana Grande; Ed Sheeran; Eminem and so on. Before I found a place where I work now, I used to read a lot, now, unfortunately, I don’t have time ☹
As for my nature, I am highly motivated if I want something I will make as many efforts as I can to get it. I am a hard worker and I hardly ever can be late, feeling uncomfortable if I am not like a clock ????. I am a good person, kind-hearted and honest if a person lies me it takes a long time to recover my trust. I am a good friend I am selective in picking friends and to my friends that I have I am always ready to give a hand whenever they need it. I love to laugh a lot, I can say that I am cheerful. Trying to see everything from the bright side. I adore animals. Personally, I have and a dog. My parents have a dog too. I love all of them ????
Contatto tramite:

Informazioni sul Partner

Eta minima:
25 y.o.
Eta massima:
45 y.o.
Miei desideri:
First I should say that I need a friend that will support me no matter what. I need someone who will listen and give me a good answer even if I am going to be wrong, then stop me. My partner should be honest kind-hearted and cheerful, to have a laugh with me. It would be great if we had common interests, hobbies. A man of my dreams should be polite, loving and brave. Of course, loyalty is all for me, if you are loyal to me, I will be to you too. I am fragile and need a man that can defend me ????


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