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24 y.o. (Rivne, Ukraine), Ref #15722

Oksana, Ukraine
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Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Oksana, Ukraine
Data di nascita:
Segno zodiacale:
10 Scorpio
Situazione familiare:
170 cm
65 kg
Colore occhi:
Colore capelli:
Lingue parlate:
Italy-Flag-32.png ★★★★☆ (4 of 5) United-Kingdom-flag-32.png ★★☆☆☆ (2 of 5)
Hotel manager
By virtue of my femininity, beauty and tenderness, I have unusual interests, not pritamanny girls)) I really love sports, dancing and music. You ask what's unusual?))) If we talk about sports - it's boxing and athletics. Yes, it was these kinds of sports that I started studying in my school years. Sport for me is not only fun, but also the best way to make yourself better. Unfortunately, I left boxing, and began to engage in education and dance more. Hip-hop..... this is what I love the most. Perhaps for someone it's a simple moves to music, but not for me) Hip - hop is the art of self - expression, the transmission of feelings and emotions. This is a dance in which borders are blurred and there are no restrictions.Therefore, if you want to look into my soul, look how I dance!:)
I am a young, beautiful girl, full of energy, love and optimism. My life is very bright, diluted with pleasant moments. Everything is interesting around me and the most unattainable intrigues me. Beauty, style and musical taste are those things that can characterize me. But other than that, I am kind, patient, caring and I persistently go to my goal, to my dream. I like to communicate with open and interesting people, to joke and not to pick up beautiful words, to say what I think. My life credo - Never feel sorry about anything ... And do not look back, do not try to look into the future... Live in the present.
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Eta minima:
25 y.o.
Eta massima:
45 y.o.
Miei desideri:
There are people who do not want to part with even a moment. They are like a drug: the more you recognize them, the fewer chances to forget about them. Such people want to understand, they want to dissolve. They captivate hearts, and delight the mind. Such people are few, but still they are. This is the kind of man I want to meet and not let go.


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